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Firearm professionals as well as amateurs need constant shooting training. A new smartphone application coupled with a sensor will revolutionize firearm training. The virtual shooting coach, MantisX is a combination of an app and a sensor that attaches to the firearm via Picatinny rail.

According to MantisX website,this patent-pending firearm attachment turns firearms training into a more efficient porcess. While attached to a pistol or rifle, the device analyzes every shot and generates actionable data that can be used to improve shooting mechanics.

The MantisX’s wireless rail-mounted sensor runs on a USB rechargeable battery that relies on a single button that turns the unit on and off. It gathers movement data 1,000 times per second using a miniature three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer, streaming the raw data to an app on the shooter’s smartphone or tablet by means of Bluetooth.

The system can be used in both dry fire and live fire and can supply an accurate insight as to how you are performing either way.

The technology was trialled by, using a Steyr M9-A1 and a Glock 19. According to, MantisX tracks every movement the handgun makes before, during and after the trigger is pressed.

The software has a built in version of the old NRA handgun training target that resembles a pie chart that tells you what errors you are making based on shot placement.  Another good aspect of the software is that you can log and track your progress across multiple firearms.

However, sometimes it is a bit too sensitive – it detects magazine changes, holstering, etc. as incorrect movements and if you forget to turn it off, it flags you.

This device coupled with the smartphone app will make for a formidable tool in the toolbox for any shooter at any skill level.