Alerting in Emergency Has Never Been Faster


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During an emergency situation in a school or any other public institution, it is imperative to have instant communication with 911, first responders, and school personnel.

The Rave Panic Button is an application that allows supervisors and staff at a facility to notify 911, everyone around, and first responders immediately when there is an active threat or another emergency. Furthermore, the app allows the person using it to select an active shooter, medical, fire, or other police emergency making it useful for much more than just an active threat.

The application sends a message through the app, a text message, and an email to everyone listed for that facility to receive such alerts as soon as the app is activated. As the app is activated, the 911 center can communicate with the caller or send messages to everyone who received the activation with such information like the location of the threat, the description or identity of the threat, and other pertinent information. Those who have had the app activated can also notify the 911 center if there is an injury or another life-threatening event in their area to speed the response to that specific area.

The app works using geo fences around facilities and because of this technology, the partners have been able to create areas for the schools as well as athletic facilities, and other facilities used by the school district and/or hospital during their normal business operation, authorities have confirmed.

To prevent someone from getting the app without proper authorization, your telephone number must first be entered into the system and associated with one of the schools. If you download the app and are not associated with a school, you will receive a rejection message. According to, quite recently the technology has been implemented in Newberry County, S.C. The technology has been implemented in various establishments, among them a hospital and school.