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Counter UAS company Sensofusion has signed another major deal to help government bodies create security measures against the rising number of drones taking to the skies worldwide. This month, the European Union (EU) officially selected Sensofusion to be an industry partner in Project SECOPS (an integrated security concept for drone operations). In its role to develop and commercialize its AIRFENCE drone detection and prevention system, Sensofusion is “key to the project’s success,” according to the EU.

According to Sensofusion’s press release, SECOPS seeks to mitigate risks in unmanned traffic management (UTM) as Sensofusion and several other industry partners, alongside the Netherlands Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), work together to create proof of concept of a fully integrated security package. Sensofusion was selected from a pool of dozens of drone defense companies vying to be a part of the project.

Because of the grant from the EU, Sensofusion will employ its AIRFENCE technology in the Netherlands this fall. Sensofusion is developing and deploying similar technology for NASA, working alongside the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Studies (NIAS). “We’re extremely excited to be a part of this project and offer our technology and capabilities to help the EU create concrete solutions to protect airways,” said Sensofusion CEO Tuomas Rasila. “This grant is crucial and illustrates the importance major governing bodies place on creating integrated security measures to protect against rogue and potentially very harmful drones”, he added.

Sensofusion unveiled its newest countermeasure system, AIRFENCE 4.0, earlier this year and is collaborating with other highly influential organizations around the world including U.S. Marine Corps, NATO, the FAA and the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems.

AIRFENCE technology is currently in place to patrol various urban environments, specifically by law enforcement and government VIPs, including presidents and prime ministers. AIRFENCE is also in place at international airports, military bases, high profile government buildings and government VIP events. Additionally, AIRFENCE secures prisons from individuals who want to smuggle contraband and is being deployed for various police and military applications.