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A real-time 3D mobile surveying and mapping system is offered as a solution for various professional indoor/outdoor scanning missions.

The technology was developed by Gexcel, an Italy-based LiDAR and imagery analysis software solution provider, which has entered 3D mobile mapping market.

Developed for challenging mapping and surveying tasks, such as deep dark underground mines or tunnels or in a complex industrial area, the HERON system is suited both for surveying, localisation and model-comparison tasks, according to

For challenging surveying jobs the system works as follows. The surveyor wears the HERON backpack laser scanner and walks along the site without using GPS/GNSS, targets and trolleys.

Then the 3D survey is visualized in real time on the HERON touch-screen control unit. The whole surveying process is accelerated and more convenient. An area of around 50,000m2 can be surveyed on foot in 90 minutes.

When it comes to localisation it is possible to upload a 3D model of the site and activate the HERON localisation process. The wearable mobile surveying system automatically recognizes the surveyor’s position and compares the actual 3D real-time survey with the uploaded 3D model.

Regarding model comparison the surveyor can upload a previous 3D model of the site and start a new HERON survey in tracking mode to observe in real time the differences between the actual survey and the uploaded model.

When a millimeter-resolution point cloud is needed to produce a high-definition model, static scans can be automatically mapped onto the system’s medium-resolution scans without using targets and spheres.