Advanced Weapon System to Be Installed on IDF UGV

Advanced Weapon System to Be Installed on IDF UGV

advanced weapons system

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An advanced weapon system will be installed soon on the patrol UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) operated by the IDF. Segev (border guard) Unit has been operating within the region of the Gaza Division for some six years and has been revolutionizing border security missions thanks to its UGV. The robotic vehicle is expected to replace the soldiers patrolling the border fence within the next few years.

“The vehicle patrols in the area, collects information and detects abnormalities while remotely operated by a soldier stationed at the operations center”, explained the unit’s commander Capt. Avidov Goldstein to

Within the next few months, an advanced weapon system will be installed on the UGV and improve the unit’s operational capabilities. The soldiers will be able to operate this system as well from a remote site. The weapon system is an addition to the current advanced camera system and the public address system which enables suspects detection and warning as well as conducting communication with the forces in the field.

The unique operations center which operates the UGV is manned 24/7 by two female soldiers: the one drives the vehicle via a system similar to the one in the vehicle, and the other processes the information that appears on the screen, collected by the vehicle systems.

Furthermore, the vehicle can also operate independently: the soldiers can define a destination on the map and the vehicle would automatically screen the area, avoid obstacles and reach the exact location. “The IDF is the first army in the world that operates automatic vehicles and is considered globally as a technology pioneer”, said Capt. Goldstein.

According to, the vehicle was developed by the IDF in collaboration with Elbit Systems. It is based on a Ford F350 and equipped with perimetric day and night cameras.