Chemical Identification, Now a Basic Capability

chemical identification

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FLIR Systems has recently announced the Griffin G510 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS). The device is essentially a first person-portable chemical identifier. The FLIR Griffin G510 enables military and civil responders to easily sample all phases of matter, including solid, liquid, and vapor, to rapidly identify chemical hazards in the field. The versatile Griffin G510 represents a new-generation of portable chemical identification capability, with multiple integrated sample inlets that simplify on-scene analysis and a technology core that delivers actionable, lab-caliber answers.

According to, the FLIR Griffin G510 comes equipped with an integrated heated sample probe designed for downrange missions. When used in survey mode, this enables the device to identify vapor-phase chemicals within seconds.

Featuring a nine-inch touchscreen, the FLIR Griffin G510 can be operated while wearing full personal protective equipment when in a hot zone. When a chemical threat is automatically identified using industry-standard NIST library, the FLIR Griffin G510 alerts the operator with audible, visual, and color-coded alarms. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the FLIR Griffin G510 is IP65-rated, dust-tight and spray-resistant. Long-lasting, onboard, rechargeable batteries ensure every mission receives support from beginning to end.

Dennis Barket, Jr., Vice President and General Manager of FLIR Detection said:“The FLIR Griffin G510 is a groundbreaking chemical analysis tool that brings versatility and lab-quality performance and identification to the field. The ability to quickly identify unknown threats and confirm known hazards gives responders confidence to take immediate action, ensuring the public’s safety.”