IAF Gets New UAVs for Offshore Security Missions

IAF Gets New UAVs for Offshore Security Missions

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The Israeli Air Force (IAF) is replacing its manned Sea Scan maritime patrol aircrafts, with Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) maritime version of the Heron 1 (Shoval) unmanned air vehicle systems set to take over in this role.

The IAF ordered additional Heron 1 UAV Systems equipped with a maritime radar and electro-optical payload that will make them more suitable for their growing role in carrying out maritime patrol and intelligence gathering missions on everyday basis, according to the company’s website.

The maritime model of Heron 1 consists an advanced electro-optical payload – the MOSP, made by the TAMAM division of IAI and the lightweight airborne maritime surveillance radar made by ELTA.

The maritime Herons will provide comprehensive protection of naval borders and strategic infrastructures to meet the operational needs.

The UAV is used in homeland security, paramilitary and wartime missions to increase scanning area, range, time over target and mission flexibility, as well as to assess real-time battle damage.

The system can provide extended operational endurance (up to 45 hours continuously) with real-time intelligence gathering, accurate target laser designation and with adverse weather operation capability through its SATCOM capabilities.

The Hovermast 100 system can play the role of a force multiplier to various vessels in any maritime theater with stable real-time ISR. The aircraft can carry multiple payloads and sensors simultaneously, enabling it to provide a full array of intelligence gathering capabilities from target detection to full, positive identification. A typical payload consists of a maritime patrol radar (MPR) with multi-mode functions, an electro-optical sensor with day/night capabilities and an optional electronic intelligence (ELINT) package.

The conference organized by iHLS on Offshore Security will focus on such systems and present additional technologies for securing maritime infrastructure, oil rigs, and borders. The conference will take place on June 25th, 2017 at the Lago conference center in Rishon LeZion.


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