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The IDF’s special operations units have been applying advanced technologies and unique skills in anti-terror warfare, airborne troops transportation, and parachuting during their operational missions.

The agency that is responsible for the combatants’ instruction and the specification and testing of their technological needs is Marom – flight and special units headquarters, which is a support unit of the ground forces, which encompasses operational units as well as instruction schools training infantry and special units in specific skills.

Marom professionally instructs and trains IDF soldiers with skills in the parachuting of forces and supplies, flights organization, anti-terror warfare, sniping, and operational dog training, Among its roles, Marom is responsible for the initiation and specification of requirements and needs regarding equipment and operational needs, and the implementation of tests regarding weapons related to a mission.

According to the IDF website, Marom takes part in the army’s training and exercises, takes part in the operational planning regarding airborne transportation organization, and supports the special forces in the field of operational dog training.

Its units include the anti-terror warfare school which instructs all the IDF special units in anti-terror warfare, intervention operations, sniping, shooting and underground warfare.

The airborne supply unit operates mainly on emergency and in in-depth operations.

The parachuting and airborne transportation is the professional and doctrinal agency responsible for the collaboration between ground forces and IAF helicopter and transportation aircraft fleet. and the instruction of parachuting skills. Marom believes that parachuting will guard its advantages also at the future battlefield, and will increase freedom of action and the ability to dispatch large units.

Marom’s commander will speak about the challenges in the building and activation of power in a changing reality at the forthcoming conference on Future Forces organized by iHLS. The conference and the exhibition will take place at the Lago conference center in Rishon LeZion on May 25th, 2017.

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