Logistics Innovation – New Delivery and Pickup Drone

delivery and pickup

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A new fully autonomous UAV platform enables drone delivery and pickup capabilities. Cheetah Air, a division of Cheetah Software Systems, has successfully developed and tested its fully autonomous UAV platform.

The Cheetah Air platform is now integrated with the core Cheetah Logistics Operations Optimization Platform, Cheetah LOOP, which plans, dynamically manages, adapts and optimizes fleets and drivers, resulting in companies requiring fewer vehicles, driving less miles, and making more on-time deliveries, according to the company’s announcement on prenewswire.com.

Cheetah’s LOOP addresses the logistics needs of healthcare, retail, and carriers that operate courier, less than truckload, truck load, and private fleets. LOOP is used extensively by FedEx SameDay City, Cardinal Health, and Macy’s to deliver products and packages to consumers every day. Cheetah LOOP optimizes operational performance continuously in real time by automating routing, dispatch and customer service.

According to the company’s website, with LOOP platform they can command any size drone to carry any object from one point to another, completely autonomously. The use of drones increases the delivery speed for time sensitive material and adds security at low cost.

Their use omits issues with traffic or network environmental concerns.  The system communicates directly with the Cheetah platform, providing full aerial vehicle telemetry in real time. Furthermore, the Cheetah-Air system provides information back to the Cheetah platform with regards to flying parameters including delivery stop arrival and departure, mapping route locations and ETAs etc.  The dynamic nature of the Cheetah routing and logistics platform means they can alter deliveries even after the mission has started and the drone is airborne.

Bobby Darroll, CEO of Cheetah Air said the system uses the drone as the mechanism for executing complex adaptation to continuously changing operation conditions.