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The training and professional instruction of employees are not an easy task in the constantly changing field of cyber security. ISACA is adding a new feature to its Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) portfolio of resources, the CSX Training Platform and Assessment Tool.

The Platform offers an easily accessible, constantly updated education environment that gives administrators clear insights into employee performance so organizations can ensure that they hire the best talent in cyber security.

Historically, organizations have had to rely on training mechanisms that are costly, inaccessible and quickly out-of-date due to the ever-changing threat environment. The CSX Training Platform addresses this challenge with the first-of-its kind cloud-hosted assessment feature, which lets HR professionals and team leaders evaluate the skills of cyber security job candidates.

“The CSX Training Platform is an important learning solution for enterprises that want their front-line IT teams to be cyber-hardened, cyber-prepared and cyber-tested,” said Christos Dimitriadis, ISACA board chair, in the company’s press release. “The ability to test and build skills will help enterprises address the significant skills gap problem they’re facing.”

The CSX Training Platform currently includes up to 100 hours of performance-based learning, divided among beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The CSX Labs and courses will be updated continuously, and new ones will be added in response to evolving needs of cyber security teams and the threat landscape.

“We consistently hear around the world that cost and accessibility are significant barriers to getting employees the practical training they need to be effective and advance their capabilities,” said Matt Loeb, ISACA CEO. “As part of our mission to narrow the skills gap and help enterprises develop their cyber workforce, ISACA developed the CSX Training Platform as an affordable solution that gives cyber security professionals complex scenarios to handle and live incidents to detect and mitigate.”

“Each organization faces a unique set of threats, and the CSX Training Platform is designed to address those threats and test related skills. Our experts constantly add to the platform, so we are able to build a training curriculum that supports the immediate and future needs of cyber security teams,” said Frank Schettini, Chief Innovation Officer for ISACA.