Intruder Recognition System – Security Robot’s Added Value

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A new generation of security robots will be showcased at the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas. MP Robotics Systems Corp., a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots will present the updated SMP Robotics S5 HD Security Robot.

“We started to design robots in 2009 and today SMP Robotics remains a strong player in the space,” said Leo Ryzhenko, CEO of SMP Robotics. “The company holds more than 10 patents in the field of mobile robotics.”

“This innovation marks the next generation of robotics,” said Steve Reinharz, Founder and CEO of Robotic Assistant Devices. “The intruder recognition system makes the ideal platform for the SMP autonomous robotic systems, helping the robotic guards be more predictive, accurate, productive and easily reconfigured for a variety of tasks.”

According to, the enhanced S5 HD security robots include the prototype of intruder recognition system that offers global security teams situational awareness tools to deliver deployment flexibility and operational productivity. Robots can learn from the environment around them to navigate safely, as well as identify and classify objects such as people, car plates and uniforms.

SMP Robotics will begin testing the new S5 HD lineup with select customers in the beginning of the summer.

According to SMP website, The S5 HD restricted-area patrolling robot is designed for patrolling the secured area rather than its perimeters. The location of the equipment and the facilities of the critical infrastructure is a vital area and requires strong surveillance, due to the abundance of places where an intruder can hide after entering the site by ways other than negotiating the perimeter fence. These include, for example, hiding in the back of a truck and entering the secured area through the check-point. The S5 HD Robot can quickly move to an optimal location for overseeing the loading and unloading of the truck. This robot is perfect for use at construction operations in a secured area where it can watch over a contingent workforce.

Vehicles entering the secured area can be identified by an S5 Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Robot. This robot is capable of not only recording the license plate numbers of vehicles arriving through the check-point but also of patrolling the parking lot inside the restricted area.

While patrolling at night, the area security robot can detect people who are not involved in maintenance of the secured critical infrastructure site. Thanks to its ability to navigate without satellite signals, the S5 robot can carry out mobile surveillance inside large premises or in covered areas. These include, for example, warehouses and parking lots for heavy duty vehicles.