Cyberthreats to UK Businesses – Industry Government Collaboration is Needed

Cyberthreats to UK Businesses – Industry Government Collaboration is Needed


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The annual assessment of the biggest cyberthreats to U.K. businesses has been published recently, after being produced jointly for the first time by the National Crime Agency (NCA), National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and industry partners from multiple sectors.

The detailed assessment emphasizes the need for increased collaboration among industry, government, and law enforcement in the face of a growing and fast-changing threat.

The NCA notes that the report discusses the trend of criminals imitating the way suspected nation state actors attack organizations such as financial institutions, and the risk posed by the ever-increasing number of connected devices, many of which are not always made secure by manufacturers or users.

According to, the assessment also highlights increased levels of aggressive and confrontational cybercrime, particularly through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks combined with extortion, and ransomware, which encrypts victim computers and demands a ransom in return for restoring control to the user.

Particularly through the contribution of the private sectors companies forming the Strategic Cyber Industry Group, the report notes the cyber security challenges faced by businesses, and urges them to report all cybercrime to ensure the United Kingdom has an accurate intelligence picture.

The assessment additionally highlights the resources available to companies of all sizes, particularly the large firms which often present the most attractive targets for attackers.