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In the near future, the cyber industry will have to cope with a wider array of cyber threats and challenges resulting from the vulnerabilities of the connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT), vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, medical devices, and smart cities, etc.

It is undoubtedly a global problem with a unique Israeli point of view.

Lighthouse, the startup community and workspace in Ra’anana, is hosting Cyber Monday, a special cyber panel where leading cyber mentors will discuss cyber threats and the future of cyber security. The participants will try to answer the question: what will cyber’s next frontier be?

In a special interview to iHLS, Ido Manor, Lighthouse CEO and co-founder, says Lighthouse strives to empower the cyber field within the Israeli startup world in several ways: the iHLS security accelerator operates at the Lighthouse compound, it is an accelerator specializing in the homeland security sphere, including cyber security; Lighthouse and external investors focus on investments and dedicated financing to startups in the cyber field, and the development of connections to business partners, potential customers and mentors.

The panel, moderated by Orit Mossinson from Dalai VC, will include Elon Ohevya, a serial entrepreneur, Lior Kohavi from Cyren, Amos Malka, former Director of Defense Intelligence in the IDF, Tal Mozes, Seeker and Hacktics, Or Laufer, expert in infrastructure security, and Guy Keren, Partner and CEO, iHLS and founder of the world first security accelerator.

The meetup will take place at Lighthouse, 16 Haharoshet St., Ra’anana on March 20th, 17:30-20:00.

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