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A new cooperation agreement in the cybersecurity for organizations field offers an efficient response to the growing information security challenges.

The cybersecurity company Experis Cyber signed a cooperation agreement with IBM, to integrate IBM’s Security Intelligence platform QRadar into the array of monitoring and control (SIEM/SOC) services of Experis Cyber.

The integrated service will enable large organizations in Israel and in the world, in the fields of finance, security etc., to manage and investigate cyber incidents and identify anomalies and security gaps in the organization’s systems.

According to Experis Cyber’s announcement, the information security services of the company, with customers in more than 50 countries around the world, are supplied by a control center manned 24/7 by experts basing on the most update and advanced technologies.

The service is based on the security as a service model, which encompasses also cloud infrastructures and internet security, making unnecessary the establishment of an expensive internal cyber array in the organization, that requires human resources and constant updating.

Experis’ monitoring technology works enable the full scan of the organizational array, using network assets scan, vulnerability management, threat detection, netflow – traffic monitoring, information analysis and cross-referencing.

The cooperation between the two global companies, IBM and Experis IT and technology solutions firm, has been continuing for many years. According to Gartner, the IBM QRadar is the world’s leading product in this field. It is a tightly integrated solution that allows the protection of the organization from threats and cybersecurity attacks. The system’s engine helps eliminate noise by applying advanced analytics to chain multiple incidents together and identify security offenses requiring action, according to IBM website.