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An army contract for geospatial information services has been awarded to Leidos, a global company that offers geospatial solutions to support and gather GIS information for defense, intelligence and commercial customers.

Leidos will support the Army Geospatial Center’s High-Resolution, 3-D (HR3D) Geospatial Information program.

According to, the contract, which includes a base year and four one-year options, has a maximum value of $777 million if all options are exercised.

Leidos will “collect, process, disseminate, store and maintain HR3D geospatial information,” the company said in its press release. “The company will conduct airborne and terrestrial collection operations, process the information and produce geospatial products needed over operationally relevant areas. In the collection process, Leidos will also integrate advanced Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensor technology from a higher altitude using a higher velocity aircraft platform.”

Insufficient unclassified HR3D geospatial information has been limiting the U.S’s ability to adequately engage other nations in expanding their capabilities and working towards a sustainable, secure environment. The program will address this critical gap for high-resolution mapping products covering the majority of the undeveloped world.

“Leidos has a long history of directly supporting U.S. Army warfighters through vital airborne programs,” said Roger A. Krone, Leidos’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our team is excited to continue that support using advanced technologies to produce critical mapping products.”

“The selection of the Leidos team on this contract solidifies our standing as leaders in airborne capabilities,” said John Fratamico, president of the Leidos Advanced Solutions Group. “We remain dedicated to supporting our customer and providing cost-effective, advanced technology solutions to meet the DoD’s mission requirements.”