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IAI’s cyber activity continues to grow. The company’s 2016 contracts concluded in this field totalled more than $100 million, all of them in the intelligence cyber, monitor and analysis research centers, and national cyber security arrays.

In addition, the boards of IAI and Elta confirmed the establishment of a manufacturing facility especially related to this field within the framework of the subsidiary Elta. Esti Peshin was nominated as its managing director, according to IAI’s announcement.

The cyber realm has been identified by IAI as a strategic and growth engine for the company, and as part of the subsidiary Elta. The company develops cyber solutions and unique and advanced capabilities for intelligence, defense, monitoring, identification, and accessibility provision, offering a wide range of solutions to confront various cyber threats.

IAI operates research and development innovation centers in Singapore, Switzerland, and Israel. The company leads the IC3 Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium which offers end to end solutions for national cyber arrays and includes leading Israeli cyber companies.

IAI’s broad suite of cyber intelligence products covers the modern cyber realm (social media, cloud-based services, open web and the dark-web), the cellular realm (global cellular location, native interception and geolocation of 2G, 3G and 4G communication) and COMINT (interception and production of microwave, satellite, and tactical COMINT – HF, VHF & UHF – communication), according to the company’s website.