US Steps Up Anti-UAV Measures


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With the increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles on the military sphere, there has been a growing demand for anti-UAV defence systems, that are designed to disrupt and neutralise UAVs engaged in hostile activity.

The American Defense research agency DARPA called for the identification of  novel, flexible, mobile layered defense systems and component technologies that could be leveraged to improve force protection against a variety of small UAVs already in August 2016.

Liteye Systems, Inc., a provider of the AUDS (Anti-UAV Defence System), and Tribalco, LLC, a global integrated technology services and solutions company, have teamed up in order to deliver multiple AUDS systems to the U.S. Military.

Thomas Scott, President of Liteye Systems was quoted in the joint press release:“Our team is very proud to become part of the effort to detect, track, identify, and defeat rogue UAVs threatening our Forces. As the legitimate use of unmanned vehicles becomes more prevalent in many industries, they become readily available for illicit use by our enemies. With the right technologies, we can provide coverage to our warfighters, while they conduct their mission of protecting against those who wish them harm.”

Over the last 18 months, the AUDS system has been heavily evaluated and tested by U.S. military and government organizations. Through this process, AUDS consistently exceeded the mission requirements, simultaneously providing ground and air surveillance against possible threats.

The system utilizes an advanced radar, precision thermal and daylight cameras, and innovative video tracking, creating a powerful combination for defense against hostile UAV’s.

“Tribalco has been working with Liteye since the inception of AUDS, and through our partnership, we have worked diligently to provide certified AUDS installers and trainers to meet the immediate mission requirements of U.S. Forces,” stated Zac Neumayr, Vice President, Tribalco. “As a global system integrator with extensive experience working with the U.S Military, we understand the importance of enhancing perimeter protection to stay ahead of threats to life or property.”