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As drone cameras gain resolution and drone flight times grow longer, there is a growing need for simplifying data workflows and manage the huge amount of data. Two leading companies will collaborate in attempt to advance data solutions for the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) ecosystem.

DJI, the manufacturer of UAVs, and Seagate Technology, expertising in storage solutions, announced a strategic partnership to work jointly to solve the data demands of UAV users, focusing their efforts to securely and efficiently store, manage, download and share the hundreds of gigabytes of data that can be generated from a single drone mission.

According to Seagate’s website, advanced UAVs like the new DJI Inspire 2 capture stunning 5.2K video. Filming at this resolution produces awe-inspiring footage, but also creates even more data. For example, shooting in 5.2K during a 25-minute flight can generate about 120GB of data. Higher resolution cameras drive the need for more efficient solutions for UAV users to offload, playback, share and backup their footage. With this partnership DJI and Seagate are actively working together to simplify every step of UAV data workflows.

“DJI is proud to pioneer advances in drone technology, and we are excited to work with Seagate on developing innovative ways to manage the increased data flows generated by our most sophisticated products,” said Michael Perry, Director of Strategic Partnerships for DJI.

“Seagate is committed to working together with DJI to evolve UAV workflows so users can focus on what matters most – capturing data in flight to bring new and amazing experiences to the world,” said Tim Bucher, Senior Vice President of Seagate Consumer Solutions.

The companies intend to announce their first product collaboration later this year.