Israeli system helps detect pirate ships

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10332920_sThe actions of today’s modern version of pirates have increased the global demand for defensive systems Made in Israel. A system manufactured by Elbit allows for luxury yachts to identify threats from a distance, to take preventive measures or to call for help.

 Modern pirates are active in some areas of the world. They are generally gangs of armed men moving around in fast ships. These fast ships are used to approach slower moving yachts or merchant ships, to board the ships and rob the people on board, steal the cargo or passengers’ property, and even hold a ship and its crew for ransom.

 The ‘Micro Compass’ system, as developed by El-Op, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, serves as a stabilized observation system for use by day and night. Despite the small size it allows a long-term view in harsh conditions.

 Micro Compass is usually attached to the main mast of the ship and consists of a zoom camera for night view as well as a color zoom day camera. The system was originally developed for military use, but as the growing threat from pirates increased so did the interest in the system for civilian use as well by ship and yacht owners.

 “Identification of a threat from a distance of many kilometers can prevent pirate ships from boarding and taking over a yacht or ship. Once a boat owner recognizes the potential danger confronting him on the open sea it is no wonder that he then takes interest in the Micro Compass system,”  commented and expert yesterday.