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The amount of data present in today’s virtual systems can be overwhelming. Enlighten IT Consulting supplies solutions to help customers ingest, maintain, and store massive amounts of data. Enlighten puts a specific emphasis on the warfighter and decision makers responsible for national defense and security

The company’s Big Data Platform (BDP) for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is a scalable data ingest and storage architecture with a suite of cyber defense and situational awareness analytics. According to the Enlighten’s website, the platform is deployed in Amazon’s AWS GovCloud which provides the capability to make the BDP efficient at ingesting and visualizing massive amounts of cyber data in a secure fashion.

Recently, the company has been awarded by the US federal government a $40 million contract for the continued development of the BDP platform.

The BDP is a robust and scalable cloud-based architecture with streaming ingest capabilities and provides storage and retrieval rates in the trillions of records per second. BDP ingests and stores data derived from numerous Department of Defense (DoD) sensors to support analytics that protect and defend the DoD Information Networks (DoDIN), according to prnewswire.  

“Enlighten is pleased to be selected to lead the mission of continuing to develop and propagate the BDP for DISA and its mission partners,” said Duane Shugars, the BDP and Governance Project Manager. “Through continued innovative agile development practices and processes, Enlighten will continue to move the platform ahead to meet the challenges of the network defenders and warfighters utilizing critical IT infrastructures.”

Cyber threats to the DoDIN continue to increase and rapidly become more sophisticated. Combatting these threats requires a community approach to evolving the platform and its capabilities.

Enlighten will facilitate the contribution of new capabilities and analytics by DISA’s mission partners to assist the entire DoD community in fulfilling its missions. As the next step in the BDP’s evolution, DISA recently announced an upgrade that will enable faster identification of cyber threats, keeping BDP on the leading edge of emerging cyber technology.