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The Czech company Primoco UAV SE is coming out with a new UAV: One 150. The main difference from the One 100 is a completely new 50 HP engine, which allows the aircraft to reach a ceiling above 5,000 metres and an increased amount of useful load. In addition, it is now the only UAV in the country with a device receiving radio signals, and, from the first part of 2017, satellite navigation as well. As a result, interest in the aircraft has significantly increased abroad.

Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO and founder of the company: “We’re making improvements to the aircraft not only in the performance but also technological aspects. Our key advantages include a maximum degree of automation, i.e. fully automatic take-off, flight according to flight plan and fully automatic landing. In any phase of the flight, the pilot can make a change or a manoeuvre. All these features significantly increase the safety of the air navigation”. Furthermore, the aircraft is able to carry additional devices according to the focus of the mission, for example radar systems, camera systems, special electronics etc., so it is suitable for use in a wide range of areas.

According to, in the first quarter of 2017, the company plans to implement satellite communication, which is suitable for communication with aircraft at sea and in remote parts of the world where standard radio coverage is restrictive.

The company’s UAV series is suitable for the missions of cartography, 3D modeling, traffic monitoring, first aid, forest and fire surveillance, border protection and coast guard, oil and gas pipelines surveillance, and agricultural applications, according to Primoco’s website.

Given their flexible applications, Primoco’s unmanned aerial vehicles, model One 100 and One 150, have stimulated business interest in a variety of industrial, agricultural and security areas. The company has customers in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, China, South Africa, Benin, Chile, Malta, Finland and other countries. In addition, the preparation of the license production in Russia and China is underway. Moreover, the Primoco UAV offers also outsourcing tailor-made solutions for projects which require special technologies.

The anticipated volume of aircraft supplies in 2017 will be 50 aircrafts. All transactions are subject to the approval of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic. Primoco UAV SE was also awarded this year with a place among “the Czech Best 100”, which are 100 most successful Czech companies in the field of innovation and development within cultural, scientific and technological disciplines.