An Industry in the Making – Intelligent Video Search Engines

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An intelligent video analytics platform was officially launched by IDENTV. The  IVP (Intelligent Video-Fingerprinting Platform) is the first of its kind to use real-time media intelligence and content-recognition technologies to analyze big video data on a massive scale, allowing media companies and government agencies to easily identify and extract the information they need.

Designed by a global team of machine learning experts, the product has clients in the television, media, and national security spaces.

The platform contains a full suite of proven Automated Content Recognition technologies that can extract visual data from thousands of streams simultaneously. Pioneering algorithms search these cloud-based indexes in seconds, and the latest AI techniques allow users to identify specific moments or in-video elements with extreme accuracy. Whether it is facial recognition for national security purposes or tracking products to monitor ad spends, this technology has the power to revolutionize how a range of industries use video to do business.

Founder and CEO, Mohammad Shihadah, explained: “IDENTV is to video what Google is to text. Imagine being able to instantly pinpoint an exact match of one specific clip, face, object or text that sits buried in a virtual ocean of millions of minutes of video. Now imagine being able to track the in-video movement of persons and objects over time.”

According to the company’s press release, the new development comes at a time in which video is more accessible than ever. Yet searching and analysing across this ever-expanding sea of video content has remained a frustrating process. IDENTV’s mission is to fill the gap left by current video and analytics software.

“From drones to cell phones to live streams, there is zero doubt that video will make up the majority of future internet traffic,” Shihadah explains. “What sets us apart from our competitors is the unique ability to provide instant metrics from billions of hours of real-time video, as well as extract cross-channel analytics.” cites Market and Markets research publication, saying the automatic content recognition market will be worth $3.57 Billion by 2021, with “acoustic and digital video fingerprinting technology” expected to be “one of the most promising segments.”