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The Sharjah Police has been displaying some of the most pioneering homeland security technology it has adopted at the UAE Innovation Week recently.

According to Fatima Al Kaabi, first warrant officer of Sharjah Police, developments included using drones to monitor a procession and communicating with the masses, as well as a new shield laced with modern technology to control unruly gathering.

“These shields have laser technology, which can be used to keep the crowd away. If someone evades it and comes closer to a policeman with an intention to cause harm, he will get electric shock. In case the shield falls, siren will start automatically,” said Al Kaabi.

Another influential device adopted by Sharjah Police is the drone which is equipped with two powerful cameras and a strong audio communication system.

Ahmed Al Raysi, warrant officer of Sharjah Police, told that the drone Sakhab (thunder storm) can go up to 3 km away and fly at a height of up to 500 metres, which is the maximum height allowed in the UAE. Sound emanating from its two speakers can be heard from as far as 1 km.

“It can be used to monitor crowd and communicate with them, in case there is a chance of them going out of control. If someone goes on top of a building to commit suicide, the drone can be used to pursue him against it, instead of sending a policeman up there to convince the person. Similarly, the drone can be used to search a lost person in the desert and to inform him that the police have got the location and he will soon get help” he said.