New sUAS Missions Vary from Surveillance to Disaster Assemssment

New sUAS Missions Vary from Surveillance to Disaster Assemssment

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A new sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) was recently introduced to market – the STORM – a small tactical UAS that comes as a complete solution to serve a variety of missions.

It was develeped and manufactured by BrockTek, an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in unmanned systems, subsystems and components.  The STORM is a backpack carry, hand assembly, agile and durable sUAS.

The system requires only one operator, can be tablet controlled, and has interchangeable wings.

According to BrockTek’s website, the STORM is capable of flying a variety of missions, from intelligence, reconnaissance, over-the-hill surveillance, to battle damage assessment, border security, disaster assessment, infrastructure management, precision agriculture, mining, surveying, mapping, forest management, and wildlife tracking & monitoring.

The UAS’s weight is only 1.13 kg when empty, and the maximum payload weight is 0.45 kg. It can reach a 10,000 ft MSL altitude.

As a small business, BrockTek believes in employing innovation and diversification in everything they do. “The STORM was not built on a model of ‘build it and they will come’”, said Callie Groth, BrockTek’s Vice President of Operations and Business Development. “It was built based on actual customer needs and wants – both in Government & Defense and Civilian & Commercial sectors.”

From initial concept to the first endurance test, BrockTek completed the first phase of the STORM project in just 9 weeks.

The STORM has received great feedback thus far, but BrockTek isn’t stopping there. As the aircraft undergoes further testing, both internally and externally, the company is continuing to improve features.

“We want to deliver an aircraft that is efficient and effective. And our team will not stop until we have reached that goal”, said Groth.