AUS&R 2016 – Great Interest in Autonomous Systems Field

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AUS&R 2016 focused the attention to the unmanned systems role both in the battlefield and in the homeland security sphere.

The convention was a remarkable success as the turnout included thousands of visitors and participants, most of them experts to some degree in the various aspects of the field of autonomous robotics and aviation.

Leading TV networks from Europe, the US and Asia sent their teams to cover the event photographing the demonstrations and interviewing the experts.


During the event, two demonstrations were held on the ground and in the air, displaying to the audience innovations and new ideas. The presentations helped the viewers understand the demonstration better and find new interests and technical aspects that were unfamiliar to them in very familiar fields.

Numerous missions operated by military and security units have become the role of unmanned systems, equipped with innovative payloads. The speakers, from the IDF, the defense industries and the academy, discussed a variety of aspects of the systems, from the use of virtual simulation for field-testing, through the use of unique optic fibers that track the maintenance of the expensive vehicles, the various application on ground, sea and in the air, in combatting terror and in urban warfare – which has become a central conflict arena, ending with the investigation of mishaps and coping with the technical failures and the human factor.


Many speakers emphasized the important role of unmanned vehicles in replacing manned teams in high risk operations, e.g. evacuating wounded soldiers from the battlefield, neutralizing terrorists holding hostages, etc.

The exhibition this year displayed autonomous aerial and ground vehicles capable of completing missions in the fields of surveillance, intelligence and offensive missions as well.


The empasis on ground robotics was extensively covered by the international media. Yesterday several foreign TV channels completed the shooting for their programs on the Israeli military robotics sphere.

Business links were created between several companies and the representatives of firms who arrived from abroad especially for the occasion. “The amount of people relevant to my business that I met during the day was such that I would have never been able to meet during a whole year of flights around the world”, said the CEO of an Israeli company.


The South Korean industrialist and business delegation that arrived to the conference benefited from a visit at IAI’s UAV test-field in Ein Shemer. They watched a Heron UAV test flight, visited the command station and learned about the operation of the test-field. The delegation members also visited Orbit and learned about the company’s activities in the field of advanced communication. The members evaluated that next year a larger delegation is expected to come to the conference, as it offers the opportunity for a variety of cooperations.

The companies that participated in the exhibition report that the visitors from abroad showed great  interest in their products. One of them anonymously reported that he signed a cooperation agreement with an Asian firm.

The vast international participation in this year’s conference turned AUS&R into the leading event in the unmanned systems field in Israel, and one of the leading ones in the world.


Some of the companies that showcased their innovative products have already secured their participation next year.

The startups participating in iHLS Accelerator enjoyed an unprecedented exposure to the industry and business realms, and an opportunity to shocase their innovative projects.