US Ministry of Defense Delegation to Attend AUS&R 2016

US Ministry of Defense Delegation to Attend AUS&R 2016

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A delegation of 14 experts from the US ministry of defense will attend the AUS&R 2016 Convention. The delegation of the US Department of Defense (DoD) has been visiting Israel as part of a continued combined effort of the US and Israel to improve the war against terror.

Their tour in Israel is organized by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO). This organization identifies and develops capabilities to combat terrorism and irregular adversaries and to deliver these capabilities to DoD components and interagency partners through rapid research and development, advanced studies and technical innovation, and provision of support to US military operations.

DARPA (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is also sending its delegation. Three participants from DARPA will attend, alongside the general delegation from the US, which comprises of 10 participants.

The largest delegation at the convention is the South Korean one, that will include 13 companies, and 20 participants, investors and researchers.

Also will attend delegations from India (15 participants), China (7), Italy (5), Germany (4), Brazil (3), as well as South Africa, Gana, Argentina, Switzerland, Norway, Bangladesh, Croatia, Australia, France, Jamaica, Serbia, Finland, Barbados, Canada, Taiwan, Eritrea, Equador, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Laos, Poland, Romania, Oman, Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Myanmar, Ireland, and Belgium.