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Petrus Group specializes in representing foreign companies in Israel as well as dealing with worldwide marketing, establishing industrial co-operations and consultations for aerospace, hi-tech, and security in the fields of navigation systems, general industry, communication and electronics industries. In addition, Petrus Group helps recruiting investments in entrepreneurship initiatives in Israel.
The group includes Petrus Aviation, which represents companies and performs marketing and consultancy activities in the aerospace, defense and industrial fields; and specializes in representing companies and providing consultation and supporting marketing and sales of hi-tech, avionics, E-O, radars, industrial systems and components, security and aerospace systems and more.
The group provides consultation and representation services for many worldwide companies, particularly American and European firms. Within the local Israeli market Petrus Group has been well known for its three decades and more of established contacts that span most of Israeli industries.

Here are some details about two of the group’s numerous fields of expertise.

UAVs engines – Petrus Aviation, which is part of the Petrus Group, specializes in military aviation. It represents the Check PBS Company and ZDZ Company, which both develop engines for unmanned aerial systems. Defense manufacturers and developers of UAVs are interested in this field.

Advanced breaching systems – one of the company’s series of products is the POW-R-ENTRY, manufactured by the American company IML Corp and designated for breaching locked doors, gates, security bars, fences and padlocks quickly and sefely.
The tool which resembles a weapon is activated by the man carrying it by pulling the trigger, which activates a blank cartridge. To differ from weapon, this tool does not shoot a bullet but rather transfers the shooting shock to a chisel at the front of the tool. When the chisel is directed to locked doors, gates, locks etc – the 15 tons impact (depending on the cartridge) causes the breaching. The tool is designated for forces that breach installations on emergency situations, such as the home front command, police, fire fighters. It is safe for the user and the people surrounding him.


An emergency entry tool kit includes a lockbuster drive rod module, a boltbuster chisel module, a flying chisel module. The weight of the loaded tool with the flying chisel attached is 2.9 kg.

The series is powered by standard powder actuated .27 caliber, low velocity strip loads. The tool is capable of developing up to 15 ton of force at the point of contact. The breaching modules’ drive/cutting heads move at speeds over 60m per second.