Israel’s MoD DECA Offers Relief of Resrictions Regarding Export

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Israeli Defense Ministry’s DECA (Defense Export Controls Agency) is offering exporters in the defense sector a package of benefits and relief of restrictions, in attempt to increase the export from Israel of unclassified products – mainly at the anti-terror field.

This reform was revealed during DECA’s 10th anniversary conference.

The agency was established on July 2, 2006 with the objective of implementing Israel’s defense policy and interests concerning the prevention of the leaking of defense technologies, information and equipment. During the last two years DECA has formulated an extensive reform, basing on the experience accumulated during its first decade of activity. At the center of this reform are an organizational shift, the provision of electronic accessability, and relief of export restrictions.

Among the main aspects of the reform, according to MoD announcement:

  • Extensive exempt for marketing licenses of unclassified products to the US
  • Exempts from temporary export licenses for the participation in exhibitions
  • A reform regarding marketing licenses in the field of anti terror warfare. Mainly, an exempt from marketing license regarding a list of products to the exempted countries 
  • An exemption from the expansion of marketing license via an interim element
  • A general marketing license to the 98 exempted countries
  • An online application form for export license, through the ECOM exporters website of the MoD
  • The extension of marketing licenses from 3 to 4 years
  • Updates and relief of restrictions concerning warfare equipment order

DECA’s Director Dubi Lavi said at the conference that “DECA issued hundreds of thousands of licenses to Israeli defense exporters, helped advance the Israeli defense export, but mainly prevented the leaking of technologies, preserved the strategic advantage of the Israeli defense system and safeguarded the interests of our main partners. Thanks to the experience accumulated during the last 10 years,  we know better today in which aspects our control efforts should be invested. We will relief restrictions and at the same time take a hard line regarding law enforcement and punishment of lawbreakers.”