First iHLS Startups Accelerator Company Raises Funds

First iHLS Startups Accelerator Company Raises Funds

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First capital raise by a company participating in the iHLS Startups Accelerator.

The Israeli startup company IMNA Solutions of entrepreneur Israel Haikin completed a $1.1 million raise. The company is developing the ListenApp platform for securing privacy and identifying call recording during mobile communication conversation.

IMNA Solutions plays an active role in the first Israeli and world security accelerator, directed by iHLS. The program helps startups achieve the appropriate maturity level for launching a pilot project and for investment, while exposing them to investors, partners and potential customers in Israel and all over the world. The program offers each company personal technological and business support, mentoring by leading figures from the world industries, as well as access to consulting services based on the knowledge and experience of hundreds of technology experts, researchers, developers and industry specialists – defense industry figures from Israel and abroad.

This has been IMNA Solutions’ first raising round. So far the company had based on its own capital and investments by the entrepreneurs.

ListenApp is a secured service platform for smartphones, which identifies any privacy breach and information leaking during conversation and notifies the user. The company’s platform enables users to identify during communication whether their conversation has been recorded, and which parameters violate their privacy.

In an era where businesses have lost their competitive edge, sensitive information has been under constant surveillance, and companies have lost control over their organization’s cellular communication – IMNA Solutions is offering its unique technology for the prevention of such breaches.

The company intends to launch the updated platform at the beginning of 2017.

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