Egozi’s Fury – The World Refuses to Understand – It’s a World War

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France was about to cancel the state of emergency declared by it following the last sequence of terrorist attacks. What were they thinking – that terrorism in their country  has been already defeated?

Right after the Thursday night Nice terrorist attack, world leaders went on with declarations such as “we are with you, together we’ll stand against terrorism.”

So much  inflexibility and reluctance to take action is reflected in those words. We are in the midst of a world war, and the leaders are playing with empty words.

All of these states have got powerful armies. Against whom are they supposed to fight? Is there any state threatening the US, France, Germany, Britain and some other countries in Europe and beyond? – None.

Radical Islam is the enemy. So for what purpose are these states equipped with fighter aircraft, ballistic missiles etc.? When will the blind leaders understand that the enemy has changed, and that danger is greater than ever?

If it does not happen soon, this war would be lost for the US and the Western world.


About a week after a Jordanian crossed the Israeli border security fence and tried to take control of a car driven by a woman, a similar event took place, only on the opposite direction.

A citizen was observed crossing the border from Israel towards the Gaza strip. IDF forces noticed him via the observation means deployed in the area, but did not manage to stop him.

First details reveal that he is a young man from the Bedouin dispersion that decided to cross the border security fence. The security forces are still investing the circumstances of the event.

Beforehand, two other Israeli citizens had crossed the border to Gaza.

Could anybody explain to me how it is possible to cross one of Israel’s most problematic borders so easily?

Jordan did not dispatch any forces after noticing that someone has touched the electronic fence. In Gaza the man was seen climbing over the fence. In both cases we are talking about continuing failures.

Someone at the security sector does not fulfill his role properly.


The circus-like atmosphere characterizing the trial of soldier Elor Azaria endures. Somebody at the IDF fails to act logically.

The trial of soldier Elor Azaria, who had shot to death a neutralized terrorist in Hebron last March, has continued at the Jaffa military court last week.

So far, politicians, journalists, interested crowd and finally also a few witnesses have all performed in this trial. A military trial should have been taking place at a closed military base. This trial has become a circus right from the outset.

The trial, like other military trials, should have been finished within no more than a week.

Someone at the IDF made it possible to turn this trial into a festival, which in turn pushed the soldier’s family to recruit hundreds of thousands of shekels in order to finance this continuing saga.

Something here doesn’t make sense. This circus does not have any connection with the pursuit of truth. A circus is no more than a circus.


It has been another lethal week on the roads. Right now road accidents is the most lethal daily terrorist threat to civilians. But the government is paralyzed vis a vis this peril.

Handling the issue would not produce any headlines, so the ministers do nothing about it.

If only the Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, would have allocated to the issue of road accidents half of the time he has been investing in dealing with the return of terrorist bodies, the situation in Israel’s bloody roads would have been much better.

But neither him nor the prime minister are not interested in dealing with the subject. It would not bring about any headlines nor invitations to TV news broadcasts every morning, noon and night. So all those road thugs and inexperienced drivers continue to commit every possible crime on the road.

The traffic police has been doing its best, but with the lack of more budget allocation, additional vehicles and more policemen – its abilities remain very restricted.

This way we all continue to be exposed to terrorism on the roads. Other related ministers also do not help resolving this problem. The one has been busy inaugurating intersections and allegedly dealing with Intelligence matters, while the other has been declaring tax reductions. People are getting killed but, as said, the ministers are looking for headlines.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief