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11 startup companies gave short presentations regarding their new developments, within the framework of a fascinating “marathon” last week. The companies were chosen to present their products to the third and final committee, gathered to elect the first startups of the military, defense and homeland security accelerator, established by IHLS.

The developers presented their ideas to a panel of representatives of the companies that take part in the accelerator – Israel’s Aerospace Industries (IAI), Elbit Systems’ Incubit, Verint Systems,  Raytheon, Herzog Fox Neeman and Lighthouse.

The 11 startups participating in the event were chosen out of 60 examined by a specialist committee.

The impressing variety of the ideas encompassed all aspects of the broad area of homeland security.


Soon the finalist startups will start working at a Ra’anana hightech compound right next to the Lighthouse scalarator.

The startups  will enjoy perfect work conditions for a period of four months, during which they will be able to continue developing their ideas, supported by mentors from all the relevant industries as well as other organizations.

The world first security accelerator is already raising much interest in Israel and in many countries abroad, and more joining applications keep on arriving, and will be tested on the second stage.

Following the short presentations, the panel members said that the finalist startups of the accelerator’s opening series reflect the tremendous potential of such companies to the future of Israel’s defense industry. They concluded that the meeting with the excelent companies was stimulating.

The panel was directed by Tal Catran, an expert on startups who directs the IHLS security accelerator program.

Catran concluded with great satisfaction that it has been a promising beginning for the accelerator, which will gather all the new ideas on the area of defense and homeland security: “This variety of developments presented here today is only a hint to what is still to come, amazing ideas that we will be able to grow and cultivate.”