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Adaptive Startup Advancing Platform (ASAP)

In the age of accelerating change, you need to adapt to new circumstances. Fast! You need an environment that understands and supports agility and adaptiveness. An environment that empowers you to take control over the growth of your startup, and to succeed.

Trading control for support is not a necessity.

Lighthouse understands that to lead you need to be in-the-know, to understand the implications of external events and to adapt fast.

LH is the first Adaptive Startup Advancing Platform (ASAP)

LH is tailor made and easily adjustable.

LH is personalized to fit your changing needs

LH is an environment in which:

  1. Flexibility = Control – You can control and adapt how you engage
  2. Mentoring = Better Decisions – A flexible and varied team of mentors and professionals
  3. Community = Solidarity and Support – Knowing early of relevant changes, sharing and supporting each other.


The age of accelerated change

We live in an age of accelerating change. Everything is changing so fast; technology, behavior, business models. This is a great environment for entrepreneurs – who are agile and quick and in-the-know.

However, it also means that entrepreneurs need to be able to change their settings fast and adapt to new circumstances. New technologies may require a change in the development plan, emerging trends, large M&As, regulation even geo-political changes are coming at us faster than ever.

Hyper-connectivity means that information, knowledge and even rumors travel faster than ever. Investors may change their strategy overnight turning a struggling initiative into a well funded company or reducing a promising venture to a startup fighting for survival.

The survival of the adaptive

Being an entrepreneur means, first and foremost, being  responsibility for your future. You meet a lot of people with advice, with experience – people that will tell you how it’s going to be and what you should be doing. But those people that have very little “skin in the game”, and you are master of your own fate.

And you have a lot on your plate. You need to think about development, fundraising, recruiting, burn-rate and runway, marketing, storytelling, being noticed, sales and traction, UX, design, data, competitors, changes in technology, fundraising again, workspace, advice, market access, regulation, security, did we mention fundraising?

In such a multi-variable, fast-moving environment, what will make or break your venture is your ability, as a leader, to identify and adapt quickly to the changing environment, circumstances and needs of your company. The companies that will win are the ones with leaders that see a bit farther down the road, that adjust to changes a bit faster, that understand what being adaptive means – without being fickle, or losing focus.


Leadership = Awareness, Implications, Adapting

There are Three critical elements that you must control to realize your vision:

  1. Being aware of relevant changes – early!
  2. Translating these changes into implications on your needs and foci
  3. Adapting your plan/strategy to fit new evolving circumstances

You do not want to concede control on any of these.

Lighthouse – redefining the Growth Platform

LH is the first Adaptive Startup Advancing Platform (ASAP)

LH is an environment in which:

  1. Flexibility = Control – You can adapt by deciding on:
    • The level of involvement / intensity / structure
    • The short-term focus – what is most crucial to push forward at this point
    • How long to stay
    • Other dimensions/needs you’ll have. Nothing is pre-determined or fixed.
  2. Mentoring = Better Decisions in a volatile environment
    • A range of mentors and professionals, with varied styles, experience and acumen, are available to you, helping you navigate through an environment in flux.
  3. Community = support & mutual assistance
    • Supporting & experienced on-premise, in-house team, focused on your success and aware of your unique attributes
    • Others, entrepreneurs, just like you, sharing resources, advice and experience with you. If you’re interested.
    • Co-operations, partnerships & frienships.  
    • Structured evens, seminars, meetups.