Egozi’s Fury – Words Instead of Actions

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It’s has become a pattern. The US and Europe’s leaders are spouting condemnations almost every on something that’s going on in the world but lately – mostly in Israel. It’s like they have some computer generator to come up with condemnations.

It could have been fine if it wasn’t a lame replacement for actions.

Last week Washington condemned building authorization in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was right in saying in response that the US’ position is nothing new and in inacceptable. “The building in Jerusalem and Maale Edomim, with all due respect, is not what is stopping the peace. What is stopping is constant incitement against the very existence of the state of Israel.”

The US isn’t fighting the mostly Islamic global terrorism properly, neither is Europe. So instead they’re condemning Israel as if it was the source for it all.

The world is thick and doesn’t understand what’s happening and the easiest thing to do is to press the condemning computer. Not even the spokespersons who are standing in front of bored journalists reciting these words seem like they’re convinced their words have any value at all.




A petition by families of victims of terrorism against the conditions security prisoners in Israel enjoy has the brought the matter to attention once more. I wouldn’t be surprised if security prisoners, many with Jewish blood on their hands, will soon receive a personal chef and grooming services.

Someone in the government has lost it. They are working against the citizens of Israel but then when they’re captured and receive prison time, they have these amazing conditions.

In a normal country there wouldn’t have been any need for legislation to fix this. But we’re living in a crazy country where Palestinian murderers enjoy every benefit like TV screens and video games, and that’s just one example.




Municipal officials in the North of Israel near the Lebanon border have claimed last week that the security services aren’t taking care of their towns’ preparedness against attempted attacks from Hezbollah. This isn’t new. Every time it’s relatively quiet up north, the state disappears. Border fences aren’t being fixed, shelters aren’t being prepared and infrastructures are in poor shape.

It’s so like Israel, and it stems from lack of policy. Everything is done at the very less minute, under pressure. That was the case with the fence at Mount Hebron which allowed, due to giant holes in it, many terrorists to enter Israeli territory.

It might happen again in the north. There’s no landlord in Jerusalem or at the Kirya in Tel Aviv. There’s no planning ahead. Even the headlines the officials made on the Lebanon border wouldn’t bother those in charge. They can’t even see past their own noses.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief