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Arabs are throwing molotov bottles to Ofrit military base on Mount Scopus almost every night, lighting on fire a nearby field, and it seems that no real action is being taken to stop these acts of terrorism. Another crazy addition to the country’s indecisiveness to deal with lethal terrorism.

The soldiers serving in the base told Israeli news that they’re afraid of getting hurt both coming in and going out of the base, as well as being in it.

If you needed any more proof that Israel has lost its deterrence – there you have it. Every few days molotov bottles are being thrown by Arabs to the field outside the base in Jerusalem.

In one instance two female soldiers were injured and needed medical attention.

IDF spokesperson said that the security of the Ofrit military base was significantly improved in the past couple of years by means of putting up cameras and building a fence surrounding the base. “The soldiers are being briefed on security regularly and put through exercises to handle fires and fire extinguishing systems are being operated by the base’s fire squads.”

Cameras? Has somebody lost its mind? What is this – bike thieves or killer terrorists? What is happening to the country and the IDF?


No alarm clock is waking Europe up from its sweet dream, not even another mass sexual assault in Germany.

26 German women complained of sexual assaults in a music festival in the city of Darmstadt in Germany. Three Pakistani men aged 28-31 were so far arrested by the German police, who is still looking for three more who were involved in the attacks, Reuters reports.

So far 14 complaints were filed. Many women described how a group of men surrounded them in the festival and sexually attacked them. Estimations state 35,000 people were attending the festival.

German police officers told local TV that they lack the tools to handle this phenomenon.

The assaults in Germany are just the tip of the iceberg. Security experts say that Europe should expect such incidents, if not worse. And the refugees are still flowing into Europe.


IDF paratroopers have cancelled a traditional tour of the old city of Jerusalem for fear of attacks. Did you hear that?

500 recruits were supposed to take part in a tour on foot to the Western Wall but eventually stayed the whole day in the Battle of Ammunition Hill, reaching the wall via buses.The IDF said: “It was just lack of coordination.” Nonsense. This is another show of helplessness in the system, and this time in the military.

“This is an outrage,” said the chairman of the Battle of Ammunition Hill governing council, Menachem Landau. “Somebody has lost it. The education officer for the paratroopers’ training base claimed that the police wouldn’t let them take the traditional route. She asked if we can offer them an alternative route. We offered that they walk through the main axis, not through the Lion’s Gate, but the officer said that the police would authorize that either.”

So instead of walking on foot, the soldiers made their way to the Western Wall by buses, in one of which the commander instructed his soldiers to close the blinds when passing next to Damascus Gate, to which the soldiers objected.

And of course the shame of it all caused accusations between the IDF and the police. Bottom line – Jerusalem and the Western Wall is not ours, even when it comes to armed soldiers.


An open microphone at a government meeting picked up a conversation between minister of interior, Aryeh Deri and newly appointed minister of defense, Avigdor Liberman. Deri said to his colleague that the homefront is not prepared for an emergency. He complained that there are no budgets, no stocks and no preparedness.

I was happy to learn that minister Deri reads this site, in which I alert time and time again that the Israeli homefront is ill-prepared for any emergency scenario, neither a natural disaster nor war. None of the ministers in charge of this field did anything to change the situation.

This is a failure I keep warning about. Let us see if the new minister of defense will change anything.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief