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The Polish police has ordered two new robots for examining and neutralizing hazardous materials. The systems will be used by bomb disposal specialists and will increase the level of safety of work undertaken by the officers of the bomb disposal teams.

The robots, called GRYF, manufactured by the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, have been designed to carry out reconnaissance of restricted areas and locations that are hard to be accessed. The robots are equipped with a manipulator with five degrees of freedom, with an option of closing the gripping jaws, allowing the robot to carry objects with a mass of up to 15 kilograms. The robot’s wheels may be removed, which makes the system smaller and facilitates carrying out operations in narrow spaces. Thanks to the utilized drive systems, the robot is able to go over obstacles and hills with slope of up to 45 degrees.

What’s really interesting about GRYF is its manoeuvrability. The robot is very light, which facilitates transport of the system, and its modular design allows the user to quickly reconfigure the device, with quick changes of the additional equipment.

According to defence24, the police variation of the GRYF robots have been fitted with a handle for portable X-ray device, bomb-neutralization launcher, shotgun holder, along with scissors for wire cutting and knife for penetrating the tyres. The additional equipment expands the scope of tasks that may be executed by the robot.

GRYF is capable of operating with the use of a variety of auxiliary and additional equipment. The set of extra equipment includes shotguns, X-ray devices, explosives fumes sensor, optical-fibre drum, and a bus, used to remotely detonate the explosives.