Europe to Share Ballistic Information as Part of Anti-Terror Plan

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Europe begins to understand that without a common effort the Islamic terror will paralyze countries in the coming years.

After the Europol said that Terrorist cells all across the EU are likely stockpiling explosives for future attacks, experts  said that the same conclusion applies to firearms.

And now according to Homeland Security News Wire, all countries across Europe are being urged to establish national “Firearms Focal Points” to collect, study, and share information about firearms and ballistics to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by gun crime and terrorism.

This is one of the key findings following a 15-month multi-agency research project led by Coventry University. The EFFECT Project, which launched in February last year, looked to analyze the prevalence of gun crime across Europe and, based on the findings, identify initiatives and interventions that could be further pursued and developed to tackle the problem.

While researchers looked in detail at countries in South Eastern Europe, the recommendations are relevant to all European countries, regardless of whether they are members of the EU.

A Europe-wide ballistic information network will help further reduce deaths and injuries caused by the illegal use of firearms for crimes and terrorism. Understanding more about where they originate from, how they move within countries and cross border, and if they have been used before will enable the countries to work with each other to help tackle the problem at source.

Israeli experts told iHLS that a common ballistic “bank” will enable the security forces to follow the movements of firearms around Europe.