WATCH: ISIS Attacks Gas Plant Perimeter

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ISIS has attacked an Iraqi state-run gas plant in Baghdad’s northern outskirts, killing at least 11. The group attempted to breach the plant’s perimeter using three car bombs, after which six of the terrorists entered the compound equipped with suicide vests. Inside, they clashed with security personnel. Several blew themselves up, damaging the gas tanks and igniting huge fires, which you can see in the video below.

Three of the facility’s gas storage tanks were set alight before the fire was quenched and situation was brought under control, said a spokesman for Baghdad Operations Command.

According to the Iraqi Oil Ministry, the attack did not disrupt the plant’s production of gas for cooking and electricity production. However, two nearby power stations were forced to temporarily suspend production following the 6:00am attack.

Dozens of army and police vehicles rushed to the scene following an explosion, related an employee who lives nearby. Flames and black smoke filled the sky above the facility, according to his statement.

ISIS issued a statement that said that four of its fighters had killed the guards at the facility, which they claim was used for headquarters by the Iraqi army.

This is only one of a series of bombings carried out by ISIS recently, who are trying to capitalise on the politically unstable situation in the country. Over 100 people have been killed in ISIS attacks in recent weeks.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the group is trying to take advantage of the turmoil caused by his attempts to overhaul the country’s quota-based governance system.


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