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Hamas continues to dictate to situation in the border of the Gaza strip. They decide when to shoot, they decide when to escalate. They control the situation.

Last week it was revealed that Hamas is behind the shooting incidents towards IDF forces. This escalation in the strip is the direct, declared result of the terror organization, unlike prior attacks in which the Hamas denied its part and hid behind recalcitrant  terror organizations.

Hamas realized the the IDF discovered a tunnel and reacted when it was convenient for them. We react weakly and tens of thousands of residents in the Gaza envelope are living in suspense. This is the recurring ritual ever since Operation Protective Edge.

The hamas realized they can have Israel act at any time it chooses. How is this situation reasonable? How is it reasonable that we depend on the mercy of Egypt’s mediation to calm the situation temporarily?

Someone has lost it in Israel.


This country floats rather than being run because the government has no policy. This is true for every area in our lives but in the past several days it is record breaking. Israel has asked the US to increase the annual military aid. The request is justified as the risks to Israel are growing. But at the same time Israel has agreed to decrease or in fact cancel the sum to be converted to New Israeli Shekels so that the security services could acquire defense products from the Israeli industry.

This agreement is the result of a lack of policy, lack of though, a situation where the government can only see the end of its own nose.

But it isn’t surprising. A government which lacks anything resembling a policy makes crude mistakes every day. A government with no policy, simply improvises. And it shows.

The problem is that this is damaging to Israeli defense industries which provide the IDF with things that cannot be acquired from any foreign nation.


I won’t even go into the content of the speech the Deputy Chief of Staff gave on the Holocaust memorial day service. Right after his speech was published, in which he said that it is frightening to see in Israel processes that took place in Europe before the holocaust, Major General Yair Golan stated that he “didn’t mean to compare the IDF and the state of Israel with what happened in Germany 70 years ago. The comparison is absurd and without ground.”

The problem is that too many IDF officers are speaking out in public events. These officers are sought after in all sorts of events, and this causes nothing but problems.

Controversial words spoken by IDF officers are pulling the military into the political swamp and this is unnecessary and must not happen.

The defense minister would do well to order the Chief of Staff to forbid such appearances from taking place. The IDF must stay out of the political craziness in Israel. In order to stay out of it, steps must be taken and fast.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief