Egozi’s Fury – UN Hypocrisy and White House Detachment

Egozi’s Fury – UN Hypocrisy and White House Detachment

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Almost every week a new record for hypocrisy is being broken in the world’s most unnecessary organization – the UN.

The UN security council was convened last week for a special debate over the issue of the Golan Heights and declared at the end of it that us sovereignty in the heights is illegal – about a week after Prime Minister Binyamin Netatnyahu stated that the Golan Heights will remain in the hands of Israel, causing a storm.

In the debate, the council declared that it is committed to resolution 497 claiming that every decision by Israel to apply its law and sovereignty is “null and void and without international legal effect”, this in spite of the fact that the area has effectively been part of Israel since 1981 and that in the past five years a bloody civil year is going on in Syria.

The security council resolution joins a series of anti-Israeli decision by other councils in the international organization. This month a resolution was made by Unesco’s executive board, condemning Israel’s actions in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The resolution focused especially on the temple mount, calling it only Al-Aqsa. Netanyahu publicly criticized this, saying it was another absurd resolution by the UN.

So here are the facts: Say Israel wants to give back the Golan Heights tomorrow morning. To whom exactly? Al Qaeda? Jabhat alNusra? ISIS? There is no more Syria. What was once a state now has at least five areas controlled by gangs. So who should be the one to take it back? Should Israel do a raffle between them?

The UN today has mostly hypocrisy, only spiced with stupidity and detachment.


North Korea – a country with a strange leadership to say the least – continues to play with the world, especially the US.

North Korea’s sub launch capability has gone from a joke to something very serious,” said an American official to CNN following the ballistic missile launch. He says that the US is following closely what goes on in North Korea.

From details published by South Korea it seems that the ballistic missile only travelled 30 km, although 300 km are needed to launch such missiles. The national North Korean news agency claimed that the launch was a success and that leader Kim Jong-Un has followed the missile’s launch point. North Korea has also published a video of the launch showing the missile continue in flight after it leaves the water. According to an American official, this move was a provocation, but is not a threat to the US. He stated that the missile was launched far enough from Japan and North Korea.

Not a threat? Washington continues to lay its head in the sand. North Korea – a detached and strange country – does whatever it wants and doesn’t give a damn about the US or whoever is sitting in the White House.


President Obama is living in some kind of fairytale. Or rather a science fiction movie. The American president has raised millions of eyebrows across the world when he declared last week that we are “fortunate to be living in the most peaceful era in human history.”

The president of the United States was optimistic during a visit in Germany, saying that this is the time to be born, but still warned Europe from getting too complacent regarding its safety.

More people live in democracies. We’re wealthier and healthier and better educated, with a global economy that has lifted up more than a billion people from extreme poverty, and created new middle classes from the Americas to Africa to Asia” Obama explained: “If you had to choose a moment in time to be born… You’d choose today.”

The thick walls of the oval office in the white house and those bulletproof glass must not allow the president to hear about ISIS and the horrors it’s responsible for in several states, about genocide in countries in Africa, about Iran’s nuclear race and rising Islamic terror in Europe.

The American president is breaking records in detachment. The question is whether he really sees the situation this way or is this an act to glorify whatever he wants to be remembered as achievements.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief