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Today is April 7th, which is the day the hacking group AnonGhost declared it will launch continuous attacks against the state of Israel: OPIsrael 2016.

In the past few days a list of potential targets has been published, and although these attacks are not perceived as posing any significant threat, it is advised to stay alert and make sure that security is at its maximum. The list of targets can be seen here. Targets vary from governmental and financial to academic institutes.

Throughout the morning Anonymous declared several attacks on Israel, although Israeli sources deny that any such attack took place. According to the hacking organization, at least 55 websites were attacked so far, including the ministry of economy, the IDF website, ministry of foreign affairs, and others. Israeli sources, on the other hand, claim that no such attacks were detected, that all the websites are operational and that these are false reports.

Either way, it seems that the operation itself has not yet commenced.

We advise both commercial and private sectors to stay alert and tuned.

Major General Rami Efrati, former head of the national cyber bureau said in an interview last night that the hackers are already trying to attack but that “there is no need to panic.”

“They intend to take down sites which are no well-protected. So all we have to do is use anti-virus, use a password and stay alert – don’t answer any e-mail, and be prepared for a situation where if a site is down and it is the end of the world, then see … how to put it back up again. But most important is not get into any hysteria, there’s no reason,” he explained.

So – don’t panic, but stay alert. You can see the attacks in real-time in the link below: