#OpIsrael2016: ISIS-Supporting Hackers To Attack Israel

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MadSec’s Cyber Intelligence team, which is investigating the cyber operation OpIsrael 2016 against Israel scheduled for April 7th, 2016, reports that the group of ISIS-supporting hackers, AnonGhost, has announced on internal networks that it plans to attack government offices, academic institutes, national, legal and financial authorities, banks, internet suppliers and Israeli embassies around the world.

MadSec also reports that the websites and internal networks of those targets will suffer DDoS attacks, social engineering as well as other, different attacks before the OpIsrael attacks, which includes a “trial run”, gathering data and capability display.

Doron Sivan, owner of MadSec, said that “The state of Israel will have to cope this year with a wide wave of attacks against its networks and infrastructures. Hackers are upgrading their attack technique this year and using new tools never seen in prior operations. Furthermore, in order to increase the operation’s efficiency, hackers are publishing technical guides for using these tools and a list of targets. Organizations are required to prepare and test their readiness.”

Sivan adds that “governmental bodies and companies need to consider hardening their comprehensive security systems in order to detect different types of attacks, DDoS and attacks on web applications. For small businesses and basic users it is recommended to contact their internet supplier. Small businesses also need to make sure that their organization’s information security policy is up to date and that their Group Policy is well defined.

Other groups of hackers who are participating in the operation include the hacktivist group Red Cult which took part in the past in the attacks against ISIS and Tunisian groups such as Fallaga Team.

The hackers have published events on Facebook which are connected to an online attack against Israel on April 7th, in order to share and expose their work, thus getting supporters to join and take part in the attacks.

MadSec intelligence team managed to get information about a secret Telegram group which was formed by AnonGhost Team in preparation for OPIsrael. The group will share real-time information about the attacks:  Telegram.me/OpIsrael. It is recommended to get updates by MadSec in order to receive the reports directly.