US to Provide Support For Chinese Nuclear Security Training Center

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U.S. Sandia national labs and their Chinese counterparts have launched the Chinese Center of Excellence (COE) for nuclear security. Homeland Security News Wire reports that the center will provide training for security personnel in China’s expanding nuclear power sector.

The Sandia Labs team consulted with the Chinese State Nuclear Security Technology Center (SNSTC) on the design, operation, and testing of a physical protection system at a mock material processing nuclear facility at the COE for the proper handling and storage of special nuclear material.

Sandia will also support the future success of the center through the design of nuclear security curriculum to train China’s security professionals how to protect nuclear facilities and materials. The work is part of Sandia’s global security work to enhance security through partnerships that build a capacity worldwide to prevent the misuse of nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological materials.

Sandia notes that its experience in physical security grew out of decades of work securing high-consequence facilities against theft and sabotage. Used across the Department Of Energy enterprise and by other U.S. and international agencies, performancebased design specifically defines a facility’s characteristics, vulnerabilities, and all the potential security risks, including an adversary’s capabilities. Its central concept ensures that the time intruders need to steal materials or sabotage a facility exceeds the time responders need to stop them in a fully integrated system.

Equipped with that analysis, Sandia say it designs physical protection systems which are customized to meet a specific facility’s needs.


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