Islam has declared all out war on Europe, who has yet to realize

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By Arie Egozi

Even after the Brussels attack, killing more than 30 people and injuring more than 80 in two explosions, leaders of the countries in the continent fail to realize the size of the problem.

A security senior said yesterday: “What else has to happen in Europe to make them realize that these aren’t just lone acts of terrorism, but a well-planned well-organized network which will only grow.”

Although the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, whose country itself suffered two terror attacks last year, said yesterday that Europe is in “a state of war” and that the attack on Brussels is an attack on the whole continent, the steps taken are, according to Israeli experts, “ridiculous”.

Belgium has announced it is deploying 1,600 more police officers and that 225 of them will be sent to Brussels, Germany has tightened control of its borders, and Britain is sending security forces to display increased presence in central sites around London and other cities. Holland has taken an unusual step, with the Prime Minister calling citizens to refrain from leaving for neighboring Belgium. Even before that, the state of alert has increased in several airports around Europe.

“That is really not the way to go. They must enter into concentrations of Islam in their countries, go from door to door and if needed, to cast a curfew. This will allow them to search for weapons and explosives. It will also allow them to export those suspected of terrorism,” said one expert.

Israeli experts have no doubt that Europe today has a large number of terror cells of radical Islam and that these cells are well-armed and hold large amounts of explosives.