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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new frontier, and this frontier is no longer small and uncharted. Devices are now more connected than ever before, and are expected to be even more connected in the future. While the benefits are obvious, this situation brings about its own particular set of challenges, for instance the demand for secure infrastructure to manage the ever-growing amount of data.

India’s IoTfy claim to have the solution. They’ve come up with a universal backend for IoT devices.

“IoTfy is the WordPress for Internet of Things (IoT). Like WordPress made web publishing a no-brainer for users, we are making publishing device data to the cloud a no-brainer for device manufacturers,” IoTfy CMO Shivan Dikshit told GeekWire.

The team behind the startup all have wide experience in the IoT industry, and decided to come together when they realised that they were working redundantly. They were providing IoT solutions to enterprises, and each time had to “provide a separate cloud backend,” Dikshit said. “For 100 IoT solutions, there would be 100 backends and thus was more like re-creating the wheel every time.”

IoTfy’s simple to use solution has four components: a storage engine, an analytics engine, a rules engine, and to manage the three components – a unified web dashboard. It’s designed to easily integrate with existing CRM, invoicing, tickets, and other systems an enterprise is likely to have.

“We have focused on making these [integration] steps so easy and seamless, that it is as easy as setting up a blog,” said IoTfy CEO Arpit Chhabra.