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We all know that moment when we leave the house and suddenly, minutes or hours too late, remember that one thing we forgot to do. It might just be that we forgot to pick up milk, and even that is enough to make anyone annoyed. Now think of what happens if you left a business meeting and then, some time later, remember that you forgot to enter the most important piece of data to the computer. Having no one else in the office aware of that forgotten detail could perhaps wait for tomorrow. But what if you forget? And worse still, what if that little piece of information is what stops that said meeting from going forward?

How many times have you reached the end of the day and realized you forgot important information from your meetings? Or were on your way to meet a client and wanted to know what is the latest status?  Now think what happens to mobile workforce as they go from site to site, customer to customer – corporate data is lost!

The lack of a convenient, on the go, quick and friendly solution for data entry is the main barrier for corporate growth.

An Israeli startup company now has the solution. Think Siri, but for business. The Tukuoro app was developed to ease the work process of mobile workforce. Tukuoro optimizes mobile workforce productivity and accelerates business data flow by simply and efficiently capturing data through voice and integrating it with current back-office Databases. By simply tapping and talking using Tukuoro application, the relevant information is captured in context with the back office.

Tukuoro supports any language, and any platform.

The company will present its technology at the upcoming CBS Startups Festival on March 17th in Tel Aviv.

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