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By Arie Egozi

Some in Israel see regulating the relations with Turkey as a primary goal. But in Israel, where foreign relations are at a disarray, many claim, mostly in the security system, that Israel running back to Turkey’s embrace is dangerous.

It was reported yesterday that during a meeting in the cabinet in Ankara last week, Turkish Foreign Minister Mavlout Tsavouosoglou said that talks between the two countries are nearing an end. He also added that Israel and Turkey will release a joint statement in the next several days.

In the past months the two countries are having intense negotiations over ending the crisis which stemmed from the Marmara flotilla back in 2010. Two weeks ago the speaker for the Turkish governing party, AKP, referred to the talks and expressed his contentment, but noted that there is still no agreement.

Turkey wants to renew the relations because they need Israel in several fields, but Israel has experts doubting the move, claiming that the Israeli government’s anxiousness to “normalize relations” is a big mistake.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon expressed his reservations before, after the AKP speaker expressed his contentment. Yaalon said that since Erdogan has risen to power in Turkey, Israel has not initiated damage or a falling out: “It was a Turkish initiative, Erdogan’s initiative. The peak with with the Marmara. Ever since the Gaza flotilla we’ve worked very hard to work things out.” Yaalon was hesitant towards the Turkish-Hamas relations: “We are willing to reach reconciliation, but we have our own terms. Turkey is hosting Hamas in Istanbul and we will not have it. It supports Hamas in general. This must be discussed. They must agree to our terms in order to reach a political settlement.”

Yaalon understands the situation and he also sees this hurried run towards Turkey as a mistake.

But in Israel, where foreign relations are managed like some shoddy work, there is no guiding hand according to wide-scale considerations, only the whims of several individuals who, according to a security source, think “they know everything.”

Security sources have also warned of handing out renew approvals for Israeli security industries to sell their products to Turkey. “Should the relations be renewed, a considerate period of time must pass before even one clearance is granted for Israeli security export to Turkey,” said one source.

The source also pointed to the damage of running back to Turkey’s lap could cause to Israel’s relations with countries such as Russia, Greece, and Cyprus.

Turkey has a clear interest of bettering relations with Israel. So does Israel, but not running without looking right or left. Which is exactly what might happen here. That’s how it goes when there is no one to outline a clear policy. All shoddy work, as I’ve said.