Turkey Seeks Urban and National Security Systems

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It seems that no country in the world is safe of terrorism nowadays with radical and extremist organizations popping up at every continent and every country. The need to establish national anti-terror systems seems to be the issue on everyone’s mind, and Turkey is no exception.

Last October, radical Islamist suicide bombers killed more than 100 pro-peace activists in the heart of Ankara. In January another jihadist suicide bomber killed 10 German tourists in Istanbul. On Feb. 17 a pro-Kurdish suicide bomber killed nearly 30 people, including military personnel, when he detonated a bomb near military personnel buses in Ankara.

These three major terror attacks now have Turkey’s top security officials moving to build a better homeland security system designed to preemptively strike potential terrorists.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced recently that a new security approach and mechanism, especially for the capital, Ankara, would be devised.

Davutoglu said that he tasked the Interior Ministry with developing a new security concept. The plan will cover all of Turkey’s 81 provinces, with a special security plan for Ankara because it is the capital and hosts many government, state and party buildings, along with several diplomatic missions.

Prime Minister Davutoglu went on to say that advanced technology would be extensively used to build a shield against terror attacks. Procurement officials said that every advanced anti-terror system would be examined for potential acquisition. A security expert said that Turkey would primarily consider buying electronic, surveillance and intelligence systems designed to fight urban terror.

It is not yet clear whether security systems to be procured are to be indigenous or to be purchased from foreign suppliers. An Interior Ministry official urged companies to propose solutions without waiting for the government to announce the systems it plans to purchase.