SQream – Big Data on your video card

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SQream Technologies has opened a unique columnar Database based on the computerized power of GPU. This is the only columnar database today which allows to use ANSI SQL for massive volumes (hundreds of terabytes and over a petabyte). We talked with Tal Meron, manager of Big Data at We Ankor.

How does this technology work

SQream is presenting for the first time a technological solution, based on a line of unique patents which offer a breakthrough in speeding analytics. This solutions harnesses the GPU cores, hundreds and thousands of cores on a single card, for parallel computerized analytics. This revolutionary solution allows performance which is 100 times faster than with analytics tools in the market today. SQream offers a substantial saving in the amount of storage and hardware compared with the faster analytics abilities, thus opening a door to a new age of solutions to the worlds of Internet of Things (IoT), security, medical and genetic research, communications, financial systems and military systems.

How is SQream different than other solutions in the market?

The use of SQream “compresses” the analytical processing power of various cores and servers solutions such as ORACLE EXADATA, TERADATA and IBM NETEZZA into one standard server, and becomes one of the most efficient and economical solutions in the world of Big Data analytics.

How is SQream different from Hadoop, as that too allows to analyze large amounts of data?

SQReam is meant to deal with very large volumes of data, in the world of structured and half-structured data, offering fast operations from the moment data is received to offering answers to users’ questions.

Hadoop environments do allow to treat different kinds of information including unstructured data, but these processes demand a lot of resources (requiring a lot of servers), replicating information, and in most cases the treatment has its problems and almost always requires remoduling. Managing and operating Hadoop requires a set of tools and new information both for administrations and the development staff, which is something to consider when going into a project.

How do you see this technology integrating in the defense sector?

Think about the technology and applications that weren’t possible before the development of microprocessors. SQream, Flash storage systems are actually continuing this path – combining SQream with Flash for instance, will allow to create an analytics platform to analyze massive amounts of data, with very low hardware signature, with no moving parts and no compromise over performance, and to integrate it with wearable equipment, mobile computerizations, and in platforms for cars, AFVs, planes and boats.

SQream DB is a software solution which allows fast integration for existing hardware without the need to remodule the information which already exists in the organization’s databases. There is no need for new knowledge or a new set of tools to manage the organization’s databases.

We Ankor is an infrastructure firm, where’s the interfacing?

We Ankor has four divisions with a lot of synergy between them – known infrastructures division, which provides solutions from the world of storage, servers, information security, and network. Each debate on a Big Data solution always brings up the matter of infrastructures, there are a lot of options in this world of content. In the field of security, infrastructure is highly important, in order to ensure availability and continuance, DR, backing, and there’s always a need to factor in the human support factor.

Our second division is the cloud division, which allows our clients to establish their IT environments over our public cloud infrastructure.

The third division is the Cyber Information Security division which focuses on putting up SIEM and SOC centers, preventing information leaks, early detection and coping with cyber security events. There are many uses where we combine Big Data solutions with our cyber division’s solutions.

Our fourth division is the Big Data division, which enjoys the support of the infrastructure or cloud divisions, that way we can provide a complete solution to our clients, as well as work together with the information security teams on different projects.