Talend Dominates Big Data Market with 136% Growth

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Talend, the global leader in big data integration software, reported record company revenues in Q3 fueled by the tremendous growth of its Big Data business. Talend Big Data has been the company’s fastest growing product in 2015, with an impressive increase in new subscriptions. Talend also continues to be on the leading edge of Big Data innovation with the launch of Talend 6, the first and only integration software with support for Apache Spark, the new and very fast data processing engine.

The exponential growth of data is fueling customers’ needs for technology solutions that can quickly and easily connect, consolidate and cleanse massive volumes of data. According to IDC, Big Data management is critical to converting data into value, with typically 80 percent of an analytics project dedicated to the gathering and preparing the data for analysis.

By leveraging the faster processing power of Spark, Talend 6 is helping companies convert streaming Big Data or IoT sensor information into immediately actionable insights. Once only the realm of large companies with big IT teams and budgets, Talend 6 brings these advanced capabilities to companies of all sizes, empowering them to respond to the needs of their customers in real time. In addition to significant gains for its Big Data solution, Talend continues to experience strong interest for its complete range of data integration offerings that includes MDM, ESB, BPM, Data Preparation and its Integration Cloud solution

Today, the emergence of Spark an in-memory cluster computing engine that offers batch, interactive, streaming and graph analytics processing and machine learning all in a single environment is where most are focused. In addition to Spark, another technology that has grown in popularity is Apache Storm. Apache Storm is a cluster engine for executing stream processing applications that perform real-time analysis on data-in-motion. Classic examples would include real-time analysis of sensor data to perform predictive maintenance and optimize production lines and distribution chains.

Talend’s Big Data Integration software can load, clean, transform, and enrich data inside Hadoop without the need for programming. Developers can use Talend to graphically build data integration workflows that clean, transform and integrate data on Hadoop on top of YARN or Mesos. That means that existing people already using ETL tools for data warehousing, can continue with their existing skill sets to process data on Hadoop.

aQurate is the sole reseller of Talend products in Israel and will present its technologies at the Big Data 4 HLS conference tomorrow, 25/2/2016, in Rishon Letzion.

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