Israeli Startups And the Future of Firefighting

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Tyco Innovation, a branch of that global leader in fire and security solutions, has snagged up some inventive Israeli startups that could help save the lives of thousands of firefighters worldwide. These technologies will not only protect firefighters themselves, but will help them to be more effective at saving those in need.

Vayyar has developed a 3D imaging sensor based on a multi-antennae RF radar system, that allows the user to “see” through walls. It works in day and night time conditions, penetrates smoke and steam, and provides a far cheaper solution than comparable alternatives. Knowing where people are in a burning building is one of the top priorities for firefighters, and a solution like this one can save precious time before a dangerous situation develops into a disaster. Tyco is now examining embedding Vayyar’s technology into its Smart building solutions.

RedCap is tackling another facet facing firefighting infrastructure: vandalism and theft of water. This unique lock is installed on existing valves and can send real-time alerts when it detects tampering and can help rescue crews quickly locate the nearest hydrant. By connecting to existing infrastructure, this system utilises and helps develop a “connected grid” in conjunction with other IoT sensors.

Tyco’s Smart Mask is perhaps the most valuable solution for each individual firefighter. The Mask, currently under development, will incorporate a variety of systems that until now had to be carried as individual components, like: inbuilt thermal camera display, tools for orientation inside a building, a biometric signals monitoring system, noise reduction, communication system that’s not reliant on a cell signal, team-member tracking, and a system for broadcasting a video feed to other firefighters and the control centre. This should greatly ease the carrying burden on firefighters, letting them be more agile, quicker, and more efficient. Many of these technologies are coming from Israeli startups.